Quality in Blades manufacturing

Qualified blade must pass these parameters

Important parameters in steel blades manufacturing

The most critical parameters that determine the quality of the blade are the correct choice of the type of alloy steel (material) based on the function of the blade, the amount and quality of heat treatment and dimensional accuracy.

Raw materials selection

There is an extensive range of tool steels for Manufacturing cutting tools, and the combination of the chemical elements of each has a tremendous effect on the performance of the cutting blade produced from it. Selection of the correct type of steel based on the function of the blade requires metallurgical knowledge as well as experience in blade manufacturing, which is done perfectly  by experts and specialists of Taftan Blades Company, and if necessary, the reasons for its use are explained to customers.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment and the quality of this process also affect the performance and life of the blade. Choosing the  type of heat treatment, uniformity of hardness on  all surfaces of the blade, the proportion of hardness based on the function and type of blade cutting, and the same heat transfer to the blade during heat treatment are very effective in the quality and life of the blade. Therefore, the use of vacuum heat treatment leads to our guarantee of blade quality.

Dimensional accuracy

Depending on the blade installation method on the machine, the dimensions must be very high-accurate. Our engineers determine the manufacturing tolerances according to the installation method and using the blade. Operations are determined based on these tolerances, the machines that must perform machining, grinding, drilling and etc. 

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