RAKHSH NC Grinding Machine

Taftan Blade Company produces NC Grinding Machines based on customer needs.

Industrial Grinding Machine Manufacturing

Taftan Blade Company was started producing NC Grinding Machine, RAKHSH In 2021. The first sample of the machine entered in the industrial blade production circuit in the company's factory from the beginning of November in that year, And Was able to pass all its test stages successfully.

Currently operating version of RAKHSH grinding machine supports working dimensions of 300 x 3200 mm with a loading accuracy of 0.005 mm with longitudinal accuracy of 0.02 mm.

Taftan Blade Company is able to produce NC Grinding Machines for custom dimensions based on customer needs, with working dimensions from 1 to 6 meters. The company also intends to mass-produce and develop newer versions from this device in the near future.

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