About Taftan Group

Taftan Blades Company is ready to provide necessary services to all industries and customers.

Taftan Blade Co. is a comprehensive enterprise specialized in designing, producing and selling all kinds of mechanical blades and cutting tools located in Tehran, Iran.

Our products are widely used in metal processing, packaging, printing, plastic, paper making, textile, tobacco, agriculture, food, and many other industries. We are proudly certified as a supplier by many governmental and credible companies.

Our advantage lies in the fact that we can provide both Custom blades to client specifications satisfying different cutting requirements and ensuring the utmost performance of the tool according to the application and performance required by customers as well as Top-of-the-range quality in series production.

In 2021, the designing and manufacturing of the grinding machine was put on the agenda of this company, and in the same year the first model was manufactured, and after 18 months it started working, and the grinding of 40,000 pieces was redesigned for commercializing, and the new machines with longer life span, more precision and more power were manufactured. 

This company is the official member of Tehran university of science and technology park.


Quality management

All products of Taftan Blades Company are produced and provided to customers based on ISO9001:2015 standards in quality management, ISO10004:2018 in achieving customer satisfaction from products and services, and ISO14001:2015 in environmental management.

Also, Taftan Industrial Blades Company is an official Member of the Iran Industrial Equipment Manufacturers Association (SATSA).


Company values

  Ethnicism - Responsiveness - Profitability



   Production of steel blades and precise mandrel and matrix molds for all industries



   Become the most customer-oriented customizer in the region